On-Call Babysitter Per Diem

On-Call Babysitter Per Diem is great for the visiting or local family that only needs a babysitter one-time or occasionally. Our On-Call Babysitter Per Diem Agency Fee is $39 per day. Agency fees do not include babysitter rates. For any bookings placed within 48 or 24 hours of the start time, the agency fee is double or triple respectively. For bookings during peak travel periods all agency rates are doubled. Please view our babysitter rates and cancelation policy below. All families will be given our agency agreement to sign before any babysitters are referred out. If you are looking for more consider our  Babysitter Membership option.

Per Booking:


Babysitter Membership

Our Babysitter Membership is the perfect match for families needing a babysitter more than one day per month. What do you get with membership? Two (2) per diem babysitting bookings and additional bookings for only $30 each. Reduced last minute booking charges and holiday agency fees. Membership fees do not include babysitter rates. Babysitter Memberships are for Oahu Residents Only. 


If you are looking for one individual dedicated to your family each week for on-call, part-time or full-time we recommend our Long-Term Placement.

Babysitter Memberships make great gifts for loved ones for holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays!

Per Month:


Long-Term Placement

Long-Term Placements are a great option for families looking for one consistent provider on a weekly basis. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours. We match medical professionals, business owners, teachers, CEOs, stay-at-home moms, and military with the childcare 

provider to meet each of their unique needs. Additionally, we place night nannies, newborn nannies, travel nannies, speciality nannies and live-in nannies. Our Long-Term Placement Agency Referral Fee is $500 plus 10% of employee's total gross annual compensation (minimum $1500). All of our Long-Term Placements come with a 45-day free replacement period. Please see below for all the long-term nanny benefits.  Short-term nannies are available for your family as well. Email us your inquiry for more details. 

In addition to nannies, we place private nurses, private educators, tutors, swim instructors, chefs, housekeepers, personal assistants, drivers, house sitters, dog sitters and other household employees. You need it, we place it. 




Babysitter Rates

For all On-Call Babysitters (Per Diem and Babysitter Membership), their rate is $25/hour up to three sibling children. They request to be paid in cash at the conclusion on their shift each day. For those staying or residing on the North Shore (including Turtle Bay Resort) additional travel/parking fee is applicable.

Babysitters are able to provide care at hotels, private homes, beach, and on base. Anywhere you need, our babysitters will meet you.

Our babysitters have experience with newborns, infants, multiples, and children with special needs. Babysitters are able to supervise children at a pool per their discretion with parent permission. On-Call Babysitters do not take children into the ocean or drive them in any private vehicle. Babysitters are able to take children in Uber/Lyft/Taxi with parental permission. If you are looking for a driver for your children, please see our Long-Term Placements.

All babysitters go through our comprehensive screening process. Read more about our screening process here.


Cancelation and Refund Policy

All Agency Fees are non-refundable. All changes/updates to babysitter days and/or times will constitute as a cancelation and require new applicable agency fees (last minute booking fees applicable).


In the unlikely circumstance we are unable to make a per diem placement we will credit the client $39 if per diem or $30 if part of our Babysitter Membership.

If canceling within 48 hours, we will charge three hours to your card on-behalf of the babysitter.

Last Minute Bookings

All last minute bookings within 48 hours an additional charge of $39 (only $25 for members) will be added and bookings within 24 hours an additional charge of $78 (only $50 for members) will be added. Last Minute Booking Charges are applicable to both per diem and Babysitter Membership.  

Long-Term Placements 

Services and Benefits

  • One-on-one client support from Referral Specialist throughout before, during, and after hiring process

  • 45-Day Free-Replacement Period 

  • 46-180 Days Pro-rated Credit Period

  • Professional Client Consultation

  • Job-Specific Recruiting

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Motor Vehicle Report Check

  • Nanny Industry Expert Referrals on legal hiring and compliance

  • Salary and Benefits Negotiation

  • Employment Contract that include Non-Disclosure Agreements  

  • Complimentary Enrollment in our Babysitter Membership for 1-year 

  • Unlimited Ongoing Support and Advice for 1-year

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