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Great words by Doctor Rupie

Great words by Doctor Rupie @dr.rupie:

“The medical community today has been understandably up in arms about a misogynistic article that took aim at female vascular surgeons and was published in a respected medical journal.

A group of mostly male docs published a study "researching" the "unprofessional" behavior of their colleagues on social media, which they equated to wearing bikinis (no mention of men in swimwear), halloween costumes, having alcohol in photos, using uncensored curse words and speaking on controversial topics. They did so by creating fake profiles to creep on them.

This was somehow published in a respected journal, indicating multiple levels of acceptance.

This photo of me and my sweet baby belly would be deemed unprofessional by their standards.

It's disappointing that the misogynistic opinions of what is deemed professional, by a couple of narrow minded dudes, was considered publishable and not thrown out as the unprofessional junk that it is.

Sexism in the field of medicine is not new, but we WILL dismantle it and stamp this ish out.

Standing in solidarity with my fellow badass colleagues who not only can save your life.. but also be a strong mama, enjoy life outside of work and ROCK a bikini.

To the guys who decided it was a swell idea to creep on their colleagues profiles, a dose of your own medicine perhaps?

You "should be aware of the permanent public exposure of unprofessional content that can be accessed by patients, peers and current/future employers". 🤙🏽

(Photo Credit: @dr.rupie)

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