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Lanikai Beach

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Due to its tiny waves and protective reefs, Lanikai Beach is the perfect location for families with children under 5, or children with little to no swimming ability. The clear blue waters stay relatively shallow near the beach and the white sand is some of the softest on the island. The reef offers snorkeling opportunities as well, with plenty of colorful fish swimming among the rocks. Though usually busy throughout the week, Lanikai Beach is exceptionally less busy than Waikiki Beach and provides views of the beautiful Mokolua Islands right off its coast. Make sure to pack extra sunscreen and/or a beach umbrella because the white sand reflects the sunlight, and seems to make the sun’s rays even stronger than usual! (Photo Credit: @tellustotravel) #protectivereefs#lanikai #lanikaibeach #toddler #keiki#babyswim #snorkeling #snorkelinghawaii #waikiki #mokolua#whitesand

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