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The Business Case for Outsourcing Household Payroll

Household employee payroll is a legal imperative, as well as the right way to treat your valued household employee. Although it is necessary, it is often a headache and a hassle. You can combat the hassles of household payroll by outsourcing to specialists. There are a number of benefits to outsourcing household your payroll needs, including the five listed below.

Gain Free Time

Without the constant worry of payroll or IRS and your taxes, you will have more time for your family and yourself. Did you know that the IRS estimates that a household will spend 60 hours a year complying with the necessary research, calculations, record keeping, reporting and payments associated with a household employee! What can you do with that extra time?

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Your household is likely on a carefully planned budget. An error in calculations, failing to make quarterly payments on time, or simply completing the paperwork incorrectly can be costly mistakes. Outsourcing your household payroll is one of the best ways to avoid having this extra money going out the door.

Information Availability

Whether it is the pay stub, quarterly tax reporting, or annual W-2 forms – outsourcing your household payroll means this information is generated and stored by household payroll professionals and available upon demand. You household employee can also access her pay stub at any time.

Peace of Mind

Chances are you are balancing a demanding career and a busy home life. Why worry about finding the time to calculate the weekly paycheck, remember the deadlines for tax reporting, and the concerns about whether you are remembering all the details? When you outsource your household payroll to household payroll specialists you not only save time but also have important peace of mind knowing that you have a professional team in your corner dealing with all these details.

The professional household payroll specialists at HomeWork Solutions are your answer to household payroll outsourcing. Go ahead - simplify this part of your busy life.

Posted with permission from HomeWork Solutions.

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