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Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start with Your Family

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The fourteenth of February marks Valentine’s Day, a holiday that celebrates love and romance. As Valentine’s Day approaches and you begin to consider how you will celebrate with your partner, don’t forget about including your little ones in the celebration!

To help you and your caregivers, we have put together a list of ideas and activities for your children to participate in the holiday celebration.

Bake a Valentine’s Day treat or themed meal

As Valentine’s Day is largely celebrated through heart-shaped goodies, sweets, and all things pink and red, a themed treat or meal is a great tradition to start with your family.

Whether you include your children in the baking process or surprise them with breakfast when they wake up, here are ideas of ways to celebrate the day through food.

A special Valentine’s Day breakfast or heart-shaped cake could be a new tradition that your family starts and one that your children look forward to every year!

Create Valentine’s cards for family and friends

Alongside creating cards for your children’s family and friends, be sure to talk to your children about Valentine’s Day celebrations at their schools and if their class will be participating in a card exchange. If so, this is a perfect time to get ahead of making their cards.

Not only is this a great activity to do with children, but it also helps parents to be prepared for their children’s classroom celebration.

If your children do not want to create handmade cards, opt for a trip to the store for candy and pre-made cards to bring to their classmates.

Whether handmade or store-bought, start the tradition of making cards for your children’s friends, family, and classmates!

Make Valentine’s Day-themed arts and crafts

Alongside themed treats, and cards, here is a list of kid-appropriate and fun arts and crafts to do with your children.

Take time to remind your children that they are loved

Although this may seem like an easy one, take time to remind your children and families that they are loved and worth celebrating on this day! Talk with your children about the holiday and the traditions you have started with your own families.

If you do not yet have Valentine’s Day traditions, start one with your family. Whether it is an annual breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes, cards to grandma and grandpa expressing their love, or picking out flowers to give to parents, start a tradition with your family.

Don’t forget your nanny

While creating cards with your children for family members, baking sweet treats, or making arts and crafts, make one for your nanny to show your appreciation.

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