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3 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month with Your Children

February marks the annual month-long observation of Black History. Also referred to as African-American History Month, Black History Month celebrates the achievements of African Americans, their contribution to American history, and the importance of the African diaspora.

Although Black History Month takes place in February, it is never too early to talk to your children and uplift the Black voices of leaders, politicians, activists, scientists, artists, and more.

When children are exposed to diversity at a young age, it can lead to greater racial equity and inclusion. Also, with a fuller understanding of the past, children may have a better understanding of our world today. Remember African-American history is American history.

To help you talk to your children about the importance of this month and African-American history, we have put together a list of resources.

1. Learn about black leaders

Teach your children about the many African American heroes and their impact on our society. From scientists, activists, and politicians to artists and musicians, here are some heroes and leaders to talk about with your children.

2. Expand your knowledge of Black history through books

One of the best ways to teach your children about Black History and the achievements of many African Americans is through literature. Here is a list of books for your children to choose from ranging by reading level.

3. Celebrate Black History Month as a family

Alongside reading and talking with your children about Black leaders, there are many different activities that you and your children can participate in to honor Black History Month. From watching movies about Black heroes to creating arts and crafts, here is a list of activity ideas for you to choose from.

Encourage and continue the conversation

As your children will learn about Black History Month at school encourage them to discuss what they have learned and share it with your family.

Talking about the importance of Black history should not end when the month is over. Continue these conversations at home with your children and continue to celebrate Black voices all year round.

Reported with a permission from GTM Household (

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