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Our Agency Services


Part-time &

Full-Time Nannies

Paradise Nannies Hawaii helps medical professionals, business owners, teachers, CEOs, stay-at-home moms, and active military personnel find long-term nannies that will help simplify a hectic life. 


Hiring a long-term care provider can be overwhelming. Let Paradise Nannies Hawaii do the tedious work screening candidates so you can focus on what is important. After our initial interview, we will place you with the best available childcare professional who has already passed through our screening process. 


The safety of you and your family is of the utmost importance to Paradise Nannies Hawaii which is why we go far beyond the industry standard for screening. We encourage you to read about our unique & above industry standards Paradise Nannies Hawaii Screening Process, and if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.   


Our long-term placement agency referral fee is $750 plus 15% of the employee’s total gross annual income (minimum $3000). This percentage is not taken out of the nanny's pay, it is based on what they make. Nannies receive their full pay. We offer a prorated replacement period because we know compatibility is paramount in the first stages of introducing a nanny to your family. It is our number one priority to place you with a nanny that shares your values and that fits in to your family life. 


We will work within your schedule and our nannies can be hired on a part-time or a full-time basis with no minimum or maximum hours. In Hawaii the current average hourly rate for experienced daytime nannies ranges from $30-$40+. 

We stand by the nannies we refer and offer a replacement period for long-term, short-term and temporary placements.


We are proud of our agency and we are certain that you will be satisfied with Paradise Nannies Hawaii. It warms our hearts when we hear stories from our placement families about how one of our nannies has changed their lives. Please complete your client application today so we can help you and your family find a long-term childcare provider!

Newborn Nannies


We also offer newborn and night-care nannies to new parents. Having a baby is a wonderful and exciting time that is filled with joy, but it can also be difficult and tiring. Paradise Nannies Hawaii is here to help! 


We specialize in placing highly experienced and skilled newborn nannies with parents who need help with everything from baby-related household chores, nurturing care during the day, and overnight relief for parents who need to get some sleep. Let us help you care for your littlest ones on a short-term or a long-term basis. Our long-term placement agency referral fee is $750 plus 15% of the employee’s total gross annual income (minimum $3000). Our short-term placement agency referral fee is $750 plus 25% of the employee’s total gross quarterly income (minimum $3000). Our temporary placement (less than 3 months) agency referral fee is $750 plus 35% of the employee’s total gross income (minimum $3000). The percentages are not taken out of the nanny's pay, it is based on what they make. Nannies receive their full pay. In Hawaii the average hourly rate for experienced daytime nannies ranges from $30-$40+/hr with overnight providers starting at $40+ per hour. Nannies with Newborn Care Specialist Certification start at $45+/hr for both daytime or overnight shifts. 


Apply on our client application today so we can discuss your options as you prepare for the most important time in your growing family's life.




Additional Services

A La Carte - Family Needs Assessment & Job Description

You know you need help in your home and/or with your children but not sure where to begin. Utilize our Family Needs Assessment where we offer a tailored one-on-one call with our agency owner, Nicole Ullian, to discuss your family's specific situation and needs for help. This is an in-depth call and assessment. From there we will build your family's unique Job Description for you to use publicly on job boards and other ways you see fit in your candidate search. Take advantage of our "Family Needs Assessment & Job Description" A La Carte for $500. Please email us (subject: family needs assessment & job description) today to get started!

A La Carte - Screening Services

Did you find childcare on your own but want to screen them to make sure they are who they say they are and are qualified to take care of your precious ones? We also offer "Screening Service" A La Carte ($1500) where we screen your nanny or babysitter with our full agency screening from start to finish. We leave no boulder or pebble unturned. Please email us (subject: screening services) today to get started!

A La Carte - Contract Services

You have found, interviewed and are ready to hire your new nanny or domestic staff but don't know where to begin regarding a proper offer, the work agreement (contract) or how to make sure you are compliant! We walk you through and draft both your personalized offer & contract with our "Contract Service" A La Carte ($1500). Please email us (subject: contract servicestoday to get started!

Nanny-Tutors and Private Educators & Governesses

A nanny-tutor is a nanny with an education background who will provide childcare and oversee distance learning in your home. Looking for 100% homeschool? We also refer private educators & governess that will go beyond just overseeing to actually develop and instruct their own lessons. Curriculum will be based on the homeschool standards in Hawaii. Private educators & governesses are often highly experienced teachers that are licensed with years of both classroom and private instruction. Private educators & governesses work full-time and can teach children pre-k through high school. Please complete your client application today to get started!

Wedding & Event Babysitters

We offer professional and friendly group babysitting for weddings, military events, and corporate events. We go above the industry standard to maintain small children-babysitter ratios to ensure the health and safety all participants. Call our office to discuss your event and learn how Paradise Nannies Hawaii will help make your event a beautiful success! Please email us to discuss your wedding or event needs.


Nanny Shares

Allowing you to get the same great private in-home care you have been looking for to keep your children safe and happy. Both families will need to complete the client application to get started. 


No need to use another agency to find a housekeeper, let Paradise Nannies do that also. Like nannies, housekeepers provide a much-needed hand around the house; we specialize in placing both. So please, if you are in need of a housekeeper, contact us today using our client application

Pet Sitters and House Sitters
When you are away it is important to have trustworthy individuals looking after your pets and home. Our petter sitters and house sitters are fully screened to ensure you are hiring someone experience and reliable. Please complete your client application today to get started!

Other Domestic Staff

We also place chefs, personal assistants and home managers. If you require domestic staff, we can take care of you! Please complete your client application today to get started!

Important Info: Families are the Employers

In all instances the family is the employer. Paradise Nannies Hawaii does not employ any domestic staff and purely acts as a referral agency. Paradise Nannies Hawaii will refer qualified potential nanny candidate(s) (family's future employee) to the family (employer). 

Service Areas

We are locally owned and operated. We proudly serve all of the Hawaiian Islands including Oahu, Maui, Big Island (Hawaii Island), Kauai, Molokai and Lanai.


We also refer live-in travel nannies should require a nanny on-the-go outside of Hawaii.  

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