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Our Screening Process

Above all else, the most important work we do at our agency is our screening regimen. All providers, regardless of the type of job or placement, go through our Paradise Nannies Hawaii Screening Process. We only refer candidates to your family that have met our high standards of childcare excellence & have the necessary experience. Parents in Hawaii trust us because of our screening process. To maintain100% transparency for both our process and candidates we have detailed our screening process below. Only nannies that have passed our screening are eligible to be expertly matched with your family based on scheduling needs, family dynamics, family culture and interpersonal compatibility


1. Application- All providers fill out  an application (10+ pages) detailing their current childcare experience, past childcare experience, employment history, education history and childcare scenarios. We also collect their childcare references at this stage. We use this application to first see if they have the experience and training we required. 

2. Childcare Resume- In addition to the application and their own personal resume we require the Paradise Nannie Hawaii Childcare Resume. For the sake of thoroughness, all applicants must fill out our agency specific childcare resume. Our agency’s childcare resume guides the applicant chronologically through their work with children, including dates, duties, and reasons why they no longer work in the position. This detailed document really allows us to see the full picture of a candidates experience. 

3. First Interview- Once we review their application and childcare resume we conduct a phone interview. In this interview we discuss who they are as a person and interest in working as a nanny through the agency. We discuss in detail their current or most recent childcare role and their philosophy on discipline. We seek real world examples of how they dealt with a child's behavior issues. We also use this interview to gain insight into their personal and family life outside of childcare. 

4. Second Interview- If we are satisfied thus far we move onto an in-person interview. (COVID UPDATE: As of 4/1/20 we are conducting all second interviews through video conference. This alert will be removed when we return to in-person interviews). As with our first interview, one of our agency’s referral specialists conduct each interview. During this interview we discuss challenges they have faced as a childcare provider in the past getting into very specific examples, we discuss the reasons why they want to continue working with children, and we do additional scenario questions, including an emergency situation. It is during this interview that we go through the expectations all nannies referred through Paradise Nannies Hawaii. Such expectations include but are not limited to exceptional attendance, punctuality, professional nanny attire, no cell phone use (unless needed to conduct work), child & family confidentiality, parent communication and overall profession conduct. 

5. Identity and US Work Authorization- We require and verify that all of the candidates we refer are legally authorized to work in the US. In order to prove identity and US work authorization candidates provide a minimum of two forms state or federal issued identification. Our preferred documents are state drivers licenses and federal passports. We do accept other documentation as allowed by US law for verification purposes.

6.CPR and First Aid- All nannies we refer must maintain current CPR and First Aid training. We collect valid documentation to prove trainings. 

7.Additional Certifications and Licenses- In addition to being well experienced, many of our nannies are well educated, certified and licensed in areas that benefit the children and families they work with. Additional certifications & licenses we often receive are lifeguard certifications, elementary and secondary teaching licenses, teaching english as a foreign language (TEFL) certification, registered nurse licenses and nursing assistant certifications among many others. 

8.Reference Checks- We call a minimum of 3 references. All references must be from childcare experience and the person we speak to must serve in a supervisory role such as manager or parent. The majority of the reference calls we make are to parents that the nanny has previously worked for. Additional accepted references we call are supervisors at schools and daycares. All calls are transcribed for our record. 

9.Background Check- We use B&B Reporting to run all of background checks. B&B Reporting has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a criminal hit ratio above the industry standard. They also follow all state and federal laws to ensure report validity. B&B Reporting is FCRA and DPPA compliant. Below is information from B&B Reporting on what the background reports pulled include. 


Multi-jurisdictional Criminal Search - This search contains 900+ million multi-state criminal records which includes the District of Columbia. Each report may contain date of arrest, case number, disposition date, degree of charges (felony, misdemeanor, etc.) and inmate records. It also includes the Sex Offender Registry (SOR), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and OIG/LEIE exclusions list.

• Sex Offender Registry (SOR) - Contains various data of registered sex offenders from all 50 states. Depending upon the state, a report may include, but is not limited to, Juvenile Offenders, Sexual Predators, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Offenders, Date of Birth, Address, and Basic Demographics.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) – The US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other threats to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the United States. 

OIG/LEIE Exclusion List- Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals and Entities. A person or entity becomes excluded or sanctioned and placed on a list maintained by the OIG likely due to an offense related to fraud or abuse.

Social Security Number (SSN) Trace – This report will return all current and reported counties of residences associated with a specific individual based on his/her social security number. If there are alternate names or aliases, these are reported also.

Death Master File -This report is activated when the SSN is run. If the SSN entered belongs to a deceased person, the report will provide the deceased individual’s name and date of death.

All Aliases -All known previous last names, such as maiden names. An assumed, false or additional name used to conceal a person’s identity.

County Criminal Search – A county criminal search returns information from the court records in which the conviction is recorded. Reports include, but are not limited to, date of arrest, case number, disposition date, disposition verdict, degree of charges (felony, misdemeanor, etc.), and charge.                   

10. Motor Vehicle Reports (long-term candidates only)- Again we use top-rated and legally compliant B&B Reporting to run our Motor Vehicle Reports. For all long-term placements we run a detailed motor vehicle report to the greatest extent legally allowed by law. Motor vehicle reports let us know if the nanny's license is valid/unexpired, license class, past or current suspensions and reported violations. Depending on the issuing state the report will also include any points added to the license. Below is information from B&B Reporting on what the motor vehicle reports pulled include. 

A Motor Vehicle Records Check is a report of your candidate's driving history. The information comes from the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state and can usually be accessed instantly. Results include:

     -records of violations,




     -and any disciplinary actions.


11. Social Media and Google Search- Our team pours over the internet searching for any mentions of the candidate. We also view their social media accounts to make sure the candidate is a good representation of Paradise Nannies Hawaii and your family's values. 

12. Family Opted Pre-Employment Drug Screening- After the nanny accepts employment with the Family, at the Family's request the agency will coordinate a pre-employment drug screening for the nanny at third party laboratory. (This option is available with our Loa Packages only). 

At any point if we do not feel the candidate will not provide a high standard of care, maintain confidentiality, or exemplify professionalism that we expect, they are immediately cut from our agency's screening process and no longer eligible to work with us. Finally, once the screened nanny is matched & placed with their new employer family, we are in contact with those parents to ensure the success of the placement by making certain all parties are happy and the nanny is exceeding the family's expectations. Out of all our potential candidates to date, less than 6% have joined the esteemed ranks of nannies referred by Paradise Nannies Hawaii.  

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