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5 Quick Date Night Ideas for When You Can Snag a Babysitter

Let’s face it, we love our little ones, but it is “oh so nice” to get out for some adult only time. It might not be a good idea to go out on an all-night bender, but here are some quick dates that you can squeeze in when you snag a sitter for a couple of hours.

Throw Some Axes This new sport is popping up all over. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it can get heated (wink, wink). Most sessions run about 90 minutes, perfect for a quick night out.

Take a Yoga Class If you just want to spend some quiet time together, yoga is perfect. De-stress, stretch and release all the negative energy to refresh your inner adult.

Test Drive New Cars Even if you aren’t in the market, it might be fun to get out of the mini-van for a quick spin around town.

Go on a Dessert Crawl Hop around to your favorite spots, skip dinner and indulge in all the sweet stuff.

Get Creative Find a pottery class, glass blowing, or gourmet cooking class to help get you inspired. The results will be a long lasting memory of the time you got to escape.

One good thing about these dates is that they are doable both day and night. So whenever you can salvage some time, you can get some couple time in!

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