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6 Easy Tips for Staying Active While Working from Home

Working from home has many perks, but it can be easy to forget about exercise when you’re home all day. The good news is you are in control of keeping yourself active while also getting your work done; it all comes down to building healthy habits throughout the day.

Working from home with a nanny caring for your children? Here are 8 tips to successfully work from home with a nanny.

How Much Activity Do You Need?

Regular physical activity is vital for your health. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends most adults get the following physical activity.

Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise

At least 150 minutes each week

Muscle-strengthening activities

Two times per week

How Can You Do It?

Consider the following strategies for staying active while working from home.

1. Try a fake commute

Without a standard commute, you could exercise before or after your workday to set yourself up before working or winding down, respectively.

2. Schedule your workout

If a fake commute doesn’t fit with your remote work routine, find ways to build exercise into your daily planner and stick to it.

3. Designate a workout spot

You don’t need much space for an efficient workout – just enough to move around a bit or lay down an exercise mat.

4. Move every hour

Set a timer or use apps that remind you to stand up and move for a few minutes regularly. Use that movement to grab a healthy snack or refill your water bottle.

5. Go digital

There are many apps, videos, streaming services, and on-demand programs available to help you stay committed to exercise.

6. Keep it simple

Hand weights, a yoga mat or exercise bands will work for most people – or get creative by using household items to add resistance to your workout.

Consistency is key with any fitness routine. Staying active at home makes you more likely to adopt fitness habits and live a healthy lifestyle. Health experts recommend talking to your doctor before starting new exercise programs.

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