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Gardening with young children helps their development!

Gardening with young children helps their development! #growlocalNever stop exploring!

Check out the benefits:

🌱 Gardening connects kids to nature; 🌱 Physical development (body management skills, locomotor skills, object control skills, fine motor skills) - being outdoor is a perfect way to exercise; 🌱 Sensory stimulation (interacting with different structures - soil, leaves, water); 🌱 Literacy skills (learning new plants, labelling the plans); 🌱 Cognitive development (understanding the process and sequence of growing, difference between plants); 🌱 If the plant is edible - it’s the great way to attract “non-eaters’ who might be willing to try a new food if they have been involved in the process of growing it; 🌱 Togetherness time & memories creation!

Do you enjoy gardening?

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