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It's a National School Backpack Awareness Day this week!

Did you know that it was National School Backpack Awareness Day this week? Let’s strive to make sure our keiki wear backpacks safely! 😎

Did you know that an improperly worn or overly weighted backpack can cause injury and back pain as well as poor posture? Here are few tips to be aware about:

👉Lighter loads can help prevent injuries to the neck and spine. Remember that the backpack should weight less than 15% of the body weight! Some good math training for your keiki 😉 Therefore avoiding oversized bags could be a good idea as the more space there is to fill, the more likely your child will fill it. Help your child determine what is absolutely necessary to carry and what can be left home or be kept in the classroom locker;

👉Start with an Ergonomic Backpack! Choose padded, adjustable shoulder straps to help distribute the weight on your child’s back without digging into their shoulders. The horizontal straps help distribute the wight and keep your load stable as you move;

👉Always use both straps. Adjust the height - backpacks should be worn high on your back - they should sit an inch or two above your hips. Also note that the place where the straps meet the pack should rest one or two inches below the top of the shoulders. The bottom of the backpack should rest in the curve of the lower back, but not more than four inches below the waist;

👉Teach your keiki to load the backpack. Heavier items like textbooks and binders should be stowed closest to the back and center. Lighter things like a lunchbox should go in the front, facing away from the body;

👉Avoid running or physical training while wearing the backpack. It’s advised to use the backpack not more that 30 minutes a day with occasional breaks wherever possible like in the school bus or at the bus stop.

Safety first! 💕 @Paradisenannieshawaii is always happy to help you with finding a perfect afterschool nanny for your keiki!🌈

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