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Long-Term, Full-Time Nanny (Manoa to Hawaii Kai, Oahu)

Long-Term, Full-Time Nanny (Manoa to Hawaii Kai, Oahu)

Start Date: August 1, 2023 or As Soon As Possible for the Right Candidate

A multicultural family seeks a nurturing and proactive nanny to take care of their two children (ages 6 years old and 6 months old). Both parents are busy entrepreneurs who work from home and skillfully manage a wonderful work/life integration. They seek a nanny to join their family!

Schedule: The family is seeking a nanny Monday through Friday 11am - 7pm. The family is flexible on the exact hours (see bottom of page 2) but the hours will remain consistent weekly to whatever is agreed upon between nanny and family upon hire. This is a live-out position but there are required overnight and travel throughout the year (see next paragraph for full details). Travel Required: Approximately once per quarter one parent travels and the nanny is needed for 4 consecutive overnights at the family’s home in Hawaii. During those 4 consecutive days/nights in Hawaii, the nanny will be working 24 hours per day on those 4 days and compensated with the appropriate overtime during that week (there is no travel fee while doing overnights in Hawaii - except if the family travels interisland and requires the nanny to attend). Additionally, approximately once per quarter the entire family (including nanny) travels to Asia or to the mainland. These Asia and Mainland trips last between 7-14 days. On these trips, the nanny will work their regular schedule (40 hours per week) and will be compensated for any additional hours with any applicable overtime. The family will cover all expenses for the nanny’s travel with the family (including airfare, private room accommodations and food) plus a $150 per night travel fee to the nanny. Nanny must be passport ready and willing to travel with the family. The family will provide at least 4 weeks of notice when travel or overnights are required of the nanny.

About the Children: Family’s 6 year old (entering 1st grade next year) is a warm, creative and polite child. The child loves being with their family and having picnics at the park! They are sensitive and do not do well with harsh discipline. The child prefers to observe first before trying new things. The child enjoys doing martial arts and playing soccer with friends at school. Child really loves reading, art and all things creative! Child is a remarkable story teller and has a gift toward theatrics. Child needs gentle reminders of timing such as when their piano lessons are. The child enjoys dragonball and pokemon, so if there is a nanny with this same interest that is wonderful! The family’s 6 month old is sweet and growing fast! The child (and family) is still figuring out their sleep schedule. Youngest has a different personality than their older sibling where they like to jump right into exploring new things! Both children do not have any dietary restrictions or allergies that the family is aware of and prefer home cooked meals over food from restaurants. About the Family: The family is extremely bonded and loving toward one another. The parents are very family oriented and focused on providing the best for their children. Both parents are driven entrepreneurs who are actively involved in their children’s lives both in the home and at school. The kids keep a regular meal & sleep schedule even when traveling. They see their nanny as an extension of their family and are looking for someone who will love their children like they do. They seek a nanny who is flexible and can work both independently and alongside them in and out of the home. The family loves to enjoy time in nature together and eat good foods. A nanny who also loves the outdoors and will be active alongside their children is necessary. The family has extended family that comes to visit them for 3-6 months per year. The family believes that children should be allowed to explore and develop their creative & innovative thinking skills. The parents invite the children to ask questions openly and will answer (age appropriately) scientifically and seeks a nanny to do the same. The family is nurturing & gentle and seeks a nanny who is the same. The family does not use harsh discipline and does not want the nanny to do so either. If there is any issue, the family believes in talking through to a solution. The family currently lives in Manoa but will be moving somewhere else in Honolulu (between Manoa and Hawaii Kai) within the year. The nanny will need to have reliable transportation to both work locations throughout the contract term. There are no pets in the home. The family plans to get a pet after next year and will negotiate the contract with the nanny at that time should the nanny's job grow to include any pet duties. The family can be best described as loving and tight knit! About the Job: The family is looking for a nanny who will handle all aspects of childcare for their two children while they work from home. They seek a nanny who is well mannered who is able to assist with household errands for the family alongside their childcare duties. If there is a nanny who speaks another language (such as Korean, Japanese or French) that is an added bonus but not a requirement. Although the family has regular cleanings with a housekeeper, the nanny will help maintain an orderly and clean household by tidying after meal & snack times and picking up the play areas & children’s bedrooms. The family is looking for a nanny able to do the dishes. The nanny will also do the children’s laundry. Even with these tasks beyond childcare, the nanny’s priority will always be caring for the children. The nanny will be responsible for creating engaging play and learning environments to develop their children’s physical and mental growth. The nanny should be proactive in what their children need. Nanny will do pick ups from school, take the children to extracurricular and run errands for the family as needed. The nanny will assist with general homework help along with STEM homework. If the nanny is knowledgeable in regards to STEM that is really valued by the family. Finally, the nanny will prepare basic healthy snacks and meals for the children such as salmon with soy sauce, rice, broccoli and mashed potatoes. Nanny needs to be comfortable in the kitchen cooking but mom is happy to teach the nanny other simple kid friendly recipes. The family’s ideal nanny is clean, neat, proactive and very good with children. They are looking for someone with great communication skills (both with the children and parents) that will keep the parents updated throughout the day. They seek someone fun and knowledgeable with emotional intelligence. If the nanny knows and incorporates mindfulness practices such as medication and yoga into their day-to-day activities with the children that is an added bonus for the family. (The family is offering nanny-selected vouchers/stipends for courses and this could be something the nanny elects to do with those vouchers/stipends). They seek someone who will support their children being active and outdoors along with reading & academics. Someone who is a strong swimmer and comfortable swimming alongside the children is ideal. A nanny that loves art and music and will do projects with the kids is great too!

Safety: Safety and responsive communication is of the utmost importance. A nanny who has strong communication skills both in-person, over the phone and via text is essential. The nanny needs to be responsive to all communication from the family. At any time, if there is something the nanny is not clear about, the nanny needs to feel comfortable to ask for clarification from the parents. As needed in any childcare role, it is essential the nanny use common sense and make sound judgements: always prioritizing the children’s safety and wellbeing. Proper car seats, helmets and not doing dangerous activities is understood. Children need to be supervised 100% of the time. The nanny should not introduce the children to strangers without first seeking permission from the parents. The safety and well being of the family’s children is the number one priority!

Driving: Driving is a requirement of the role as there are daily drop offs and picks up. Family prefers that the nanny has their own vehicle but family is ok with nanny using the family’s vehicle if they prefer. The parents may also ask the nanny to run an errand during the shift. IRS mileage will be reimbursed by the family for all miles driving children or doing the family’s errands using the nanny’s vehicle. Family will provide all car seats for the nanny's vehicle.

Other Duties: In addition to childcare, the nanny will handle all child-related household chores including but not limited to tidying the kitchen after feeding children, dishes, tidying children’s bedroom & play areas, children’s laundry and errands for the family. The family will have a housekeeper handle the deep cleaning 2x/week but the nanny must help keep the home clean & tidy in between the housekeeper’s visits.

Requirements: Nanny must show up for all shifts and be on time. A nanny the family can rely on and trust is a must. Nanny must have professional nanny experience with both infants and elementary-age children. Both parents work from home so it is essential the nanny is reliable. Someone who is happy and truly enjoys their work is necessary. A nanny who understands, at all times, the child’s safety is the number one priority. Family requires the nanny to be covid and flu vaccinated within the last 12 months and annually moving forward. Nanny should take personal precautions to mitigate health risks for themselves and the family. Family requires the nanny to covid-19 and tuberculosis tested at the family’s expenses. In addition to paying for the tests, the family will compensate the nanny for 2 hours of the nanny’s time per test. The nanny will not need to be required to wear a mask while working. As with all childcare positions, nanny must be a non-smoker, CPR & First Aid certified and pass a background check. As expected with any childcare position, illegal and/or impairing drug use of any kind is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Position requires the nanny to commit to the family for a minimum of 1 year.

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