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Planning Tips for Summer Childcare Help

Before you know it, school will be out, and schedules will change. Some parents may need to continue working – either from home or at the office – and will need an extra hand with the kids. A summer or long-term temporary nanny may be the perfect solution. Thankfully, there are various highly experienced nannies looking for work this summer. Many can help with planning outdoor outings, park play dates, or continued learning during the summer. Now is the time to find a nanny to work in your home.

Tips to finding the right nanny this summer:

Before you launch your nanny search, know what you need and for how long. Maybe full-time is necessary for the whole summer, or part-time for just a portion of the summer. Whatever you decide, ensure your specific needs, hours, job duties requirements, and other arrangements are determined before you start looking for reliable nannies.

Once you find the right person, make sure you have a written work agreement signed and agreed upon, too. This document outlines wages, paid time off, benefits, payment schedule, and any other details associated with the job. A work agreement also ensures you and your new nanny are on the same page about everything, so there is no confusion later down the road.

Plan for paying their taxes correctly.

If you’ve never hired a summer nanny before and you aren’t sure how to pay them with the correct tax withholdings, our team can help! Paying your nanny ‘off the books’ or ‘under the table’ might sound more manageable, but it could come with hefty fines or fees if the IRS finds out. Also, if your nanny chooses to file for unemployment benefits later, you may have other costly repercussions. If you plan on paying your nanny more than $2,300 over the summer, prepare for paying their taxes. Your nanny is considered an employee.

Your perfect nanny awaits! Once you have found the right person, contact our experienced team at HomeWork Solutions to get all payroll and tax details set up. We make it easy for you!

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