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Trust is such an integral aspect of the relationships we form with our children.

I got lost yesterday. I know what you’re thinking, “Where was your smartphone? Just map the address to where you were going.” It wasn’t quite that simple you see.  I was in my kayak, in the middle of Kaneohe Bay, trying to get from The Sandbar back to our beach front, with my three-year-old sitting in the back.  The Sandbar is a long, wide, stretch of shallow water in the middle of the bay, and when you’ve spent hours hanging in the water with friends, all of our kayaks linked to one another drifting here and there, it can be easy to become disoriented.  As we approached the shore, I realized none of what I was seeing looked familiar.  It took some time to get my bearings and when it donned on me how far we were north of where we were supposed to be, I felt anxiety start to well up inside me.  My concern was not for myself.  I knew physically I had the strength and stamina to paddle home.  I was concerned for my daughter, who has always been a little hesitant to head out to The Sandbar but after several successful trips had begun to become accustomed to the voyage.  I didn’t want this experience to change her mind.  As I explained to her our predicament, my fear was that she would become agitated by the idea of another hour or so on the water, and more so by not knowing exactly what our proximity to home was.  Yet she was calm and collected, not consistent with her young age.  As I paddled with ferocity against the wind and waves my anxiety subsided and I had a feeling of peace pour over me, realizing the strong level of trust I had established​ with my daughter in her short three years. 

Trust is such an integral aspect of the relationships we form with our children.  As mothers and fathers, we are their world, especially when they are little.  They trust that we will provide for their basic needs.  Food, shelter, safety are all the highest priorities.  Beyond that, and without realizing it, they are trusting that we care for ourselves so that we will be around for them for years to come.  And that we will teach them good habits with regards to how they care for their bodies, inside and out.  I don’t know about you, but I was mortified the first time I let my children get sunburnt. 

In our house, right up there with the basics of food, shelter, and safety, I want my children to know that I am using products on them from a company that I trust.  A company that I trust to make quality products for our use as well as promoting social responsibility.  Our children will inherit the Earth!  Prior to being introduced to Arbonne three and a half years ago, I rarely thought about the concept of healthy living from the inside out.  My knowledge was limited, and I didn’t realize that the personal care products I was using on my children and myself mattered.  Becoming educated on this subject during January 2016 changed everything for me.  When I learned that there was a company with 39 years of experience that focused on creating a high-quality product founded on the principles of being pure, safe and beneficial, I was IN!.  With a list of over 2,000 ingredients that are banned for safety and/or negative environmental impacts, I can trust that I am bringing the quality products that my family deserves into our home.  And with items being shipped right to my doorstep I am saving us trips to GNC, Sephora, Target and other similar stores, giving me more time to focus on the things that matter, like taking care of my family and myself, in addition to sharing the gift that Arbonne has been to my family with others. If you'd like to learn more please contact me,  Chelsea Lorenson, DPT, OCS, Arbonne Area Manager at (503) 317-1465 or visit me at  Best Regards, Chelsea Lorenson, DPT, OCS

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