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Why you should hire a nanny agency!

Babysitters and nannies are a constant need for families of all sizes! Let’s face it, life happens, things come up unexpectedly and most of the time you need a sitter fast! When it comes to someone watching our keiki, the stipulations are pretty high! You want someone you can trust, someone who will give your keiki the one-on-one attention they deserve, someone punctual, reliable,and the list can go on forever!  So where do you start?

That’s where a nanny agency comes in! Nanny agencies reach out to potential babysitters and nannies that have experience and offer them a position to be a sitter! Agencies don’t just pick people out of the blue, they take time to get to know the potential nanny with several steps along the way! Here is a quick overview Paradise Nannies Hawaii’s screening process.

-Lengthy Application with Child Care History

-Scenario Questions  

-Phone screening interview

-In-person interview with our Referral Specialist

-Obtaining certifications (IE; CPR/First Aid, Nutrition, Lifeguard etc)

-Reference calls of families the babysitters have worked for

-Background checks

-And so much more!

Agencies spend countless hours working with potential nannies to make sure they are 100% vetted and ready to be matched with a family based on their experience and the families specific needs!

Most agencies offer on-call or “temporary” babysitters for those families who just need a quick sitter. Long-term nannies, for those families who need a consistent individual to be ready to care for their children on a regular basis. Also, group-childcare, this would be for special events that would expect a large group of children who need care. (Wedding, Business conference, etc).

According to GTM Payroll Services: “In a survey of household employers  conducted by GTM Payroll Services, it was clear that hiring a nanny through an agency rather than using an online job site saved time, boosted retention, and reduced the hassles of bringing on board multiple nannies over a short period of time”.

When you work with an agency to find a nanny or sitter, you will almost always find a nanny or sitter of the highest quality, because agencies don’t see these people as just another employee or source of income for their agency, they see them as a bonus family member, and get to know them on a personal level!  Which is beneficial for you and your keiki, because you also get to know that nanny beforehand as well!

Nanny agencies will send your family a profile of the potential nanny that way you see everything they see before you hire!

With a nanny agency there is never anything to question or doubt, all the leg work is done for you, and you get to make the decision of who you feel is the perfect fit for your family!

What are you waiting for? Paradise Nannies Hawaii has many screened potential babysitters and nannies waiting to be reviewed by you and become your next “bonus family member”! Give us a call at 808-425-6214! Our Referral Specialist is ready to help you find your perfect match TODAY! Or send any inquires to

You can also visit our website for more information and pricing!

You’ll be glad you did!

Let us help you find the nanny of a lifetime!

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