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A message from Nicole, Paradise Nannies Hawaii agency owner, regarding Covid and Your Child’s School

Aloha Parents,

     For those who do not know me my name is Nicole Ullian and am the owner of Paradise Nannies Hawaii. Just like many of you, my business and personal life has been completely turned up-side-down during the pandemic. I feel very fortunate because my family and loved ones remain well and wish you & yours continued health.      As we continue to offer the best childcare services on the island, I'm writing to let you know about our focus on our long-term nanny placements. We know most families are going to need additional help as we continue to adjust to a new normal during the 2020-2021 school year.       Many schools are employing a hybrid model where learning happens both at school and at home. For most, it's safe to assume your child will be home 1-5 days per school week this year. This decision is made on a school-by-school basis. While your child is at home they will be expected to participate in both asynchronous and synchronous educational activities. Take this time to think through what your family's needs will be when school resumes.      Just like in school, constant child supervision may be required. If you're working a full time job in or out of the home, it's unreasonable to teach full time as well. Contact us to see how our nanny-teachers can help ensure peace of mind if you are required to be out for work, take business calls at your home or need help with home learning. Our Process      Paradise Nannies Hawaii will match your family with a nanny-teacher who can provide regular nanny childcare as well as facilitate and oversee your child's education at home. Our nannies are dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of your child & will be responsible for ensuring at-home learning activities are completed to the best of your child's ability.       Why Paradise Nannies Hawaii over another agency? With 10+ years of teaching experience & two degrees in education I've learned to be discerning in hiring our nanny-teachers. My ability to "weed out" less desirable candidates enables us to refer your only elite, highly recommended and sought after nannies. Our nannies work exclusively through our agency and will not be found by your normal nanny search. Most of our nannies seek us our as their agency & we're proud of the reputation we have continued to build. Unlike other agencies or online sitter services, nannies cannot self-enroll or sign up themselves. We thoroughly screen our nannies before you receive their profile. We get it right the first time so you can focus on what is important in your life.       Schools will reopen in less than a month and at that time parents will need to have a plan for their children. Let me help you build that plan. Schedule your free consultation call with me now. We can discuss your family's childcare needs and how our agency can be a solution to your problems.       For most parents, hiring a nanny or nanny-teacher during school hours would have never crossed their mind a year ago. The same goes for expenses associated with hiring a nanny. Talk to us if paying agency fees overtime rather than all at once upfront would help.       This school year let Paradise Nannies Hawaii help maintain your home's peace and provide a seamless transition back to school. I am always available by email to answer questions and over the phone by appointment. Please do not hesitate to email and I will personally return each of your questions. If I don't know the answer I will seek it out. That is my promise.       I hope you and your children have a fun and safe rest of your summer! With Gratitude, Nicole Ullian Owner Paradise Nannies Hawaii 

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