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Family Assistant (/Nanny) Needed

Full Time Driving & Cooking Family Assistant (/Nanny) Needed Location: Kahala, Oahu Dates: December 1, 2022 Busy family of 3 school-aged children (6y, 11y, 13y) seeks a trustworthy and kind Family Assistant who can cook and drive. The schedule would be Monday through Friday 11am to 7pm. The Family Assistant will perform a wide variety of domestic duties along with nanny duties. In general, the role is a mix of family assistant duties (60%) and nanny duties (40%) but the ratio will vary day-to-day. The duties of the position include but are not limited to cooking nightly dinner, driving children to/from after school activities, childcare, swim supervision, organizing the home, preparing for children’s activities, tidying the home, family’s laundry, dishes, light housework, dog care (walk, poopscoop, feed, etc for 2 medium-sized bernedoodles), grocery shopping, other errands, and post-dinner clean up. The family has a weekly housekeeper to handle deep cleaning but the day-to-day cleaning & tidying would be handled by the Family Assistant. Communication is important so that both the Family Assistant and mom can coordinate who is taking which children to which activities. If the Family Assistant spoke Korean that would be great, but not required. The Family Assistant must be comfortable in the kitchen and be able to cook entire meals for the family. Being able to follow a recipe or create meals is required. The family enjoys asian meals and desires a Family Assistant who is comfortable cooking such. One of the major duties in this role would be daily dinner cooking for the entire family. The family feels as if the Family Assistant would be an extension of their family and would love to have the Family Assistant join them for dinner each evening should the Family Assistant want to do that. As one of the benefits of the position, the family is offering an annual $2,000 ($1,000 per semester) class/tuition reimbursement for any classes or courses the Family Assistant may be interested in taking pertaining to childcare or cooking. This would be a great opportunity for the candidate who has a good baseline of skills in the kitchen but wants to refine their skills or further explore the culinary world! The family is on-the-go and needs someone willing to step in to help keep the household running smoothly! Dad works both in Hawaii and NYC as a healthcare executive. Mom has recently stepped away from her executive role to be a stay-at-home mom and is currently focusing on family and taking classes. Dad is in Hawaii every other week due to work so Mom is the one the Family Assistant will be working with the majority of the time. The family enjoys eating together around 5:30pm. The family unit operates well when things are organized a certain way in their home. The Mom will be able to guide the Family Assistant on those expectations and routines during the first few shifts. Should there be a Family Assistant that has previous tutoring/teaching experience and interested in doing math games & activities with their youngest child that would be wonderful (but not required)! All 3 children are excelling in academics and pursuing sports afterschool. The oldest child (13y - 8th grade) loves tennis, lifting weights with dad, robotics and hanging out with friends. The middle child (11y - 6th grade) enjoys arts & painting, swimming, comics and being helpful! The youngest child (6y - 1st grade) is a curious active kid who likes to do what their Page 1 of 2 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Job Reference Number: 117 To begin the screening process and apply for this job go to

older siblings are doing and is currently learning to swim. The children are each taking classes to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All 3 children can be independent at times but the youngest requires the most supervision of the Family Assistant. All 3 children would need supervision in their backyard pool, so a Family Assistant who is a strong swimmer and comfortable watching the children in the pool is a must. Two children have known tree nut allergies with previous severe reactions when nuts are consumed. This is important for the Family Assistant to know, as they will be cooking for the family. As with all positions through our agency, the candidate must be CPR and First Aid certified. Family Assistant should be comfortable administering an epipen should the need arise. Family is offering a stipend for Family Assistant to renew their CPR and First Aid Certifications annually. As a family, they enjoy surfing together on the weekends, family trips traveling and snow skiing on their winter break! There is no travel associated with this role. When the family travels throughout the year (2 weeks at a time) the Family Assistant will have paid vacation time simultaneous to their travels for a total of 6 weeks per year. Driving is a requirement of the position. Family Assistant can use their own vehicle for job duties or the family can provide a vehicle. Family Assistant must be comfortable driving children throughout Honolulu. As expected with any childcare position, illegal and/or impairing drug use of any kind is prohibited and would not be tolerated. This is a live-out position but the family would consider a live-in Family Assistant for exceptional candidates only. The most important details are that the Family Assistant cooks, drives and likes being around children! They are really looking for a Family Assistant who enjoys the role as nanny but has the ability and desire to do more for the family and in the home as a Family Assistant! The Family Assistant needs to be patient, positive and be willing to go above & beyond to help the family. Someone who is sweet and kind but also can have fun is very important. Someone who is high energy and keeps up with the children is a must! Family Assistant should be adhering to CDC recommendations and following all local & State regulations regarding COVID-19. Covid vaccination is optional but strongly preferred by the family. For any non-vaccinated candidates, the family will need to know from the candidate why they are not vaccinated as the data is clear regarding the vacination’s risk & reward. Family Assistant does not need to wear a mask except when the dad’s elderly parents are visiting. Position requires the Family Assistant to commit to the family for a minimum of 1 year.

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