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Few tips on building a stronger sibling bond 👫

With the social distancing some of our keiki have not seen their friends for a while. On a positive side a stronger sibling bond has been created while staying at home!

Here are few tips on building a stronger sibling bond:

👫Have fun together as a family! Your family is as strong as your ability to enjoy each other. Plan some family fun time to build family unity. 👫Promote activities that get your keiki playing together. Sport is an excellent way to encourage team play. Praise sharing and taking turns. 👫Create family traditions and routines. If your keiki have an age gap it’s a good practice to plan 10 minutes time blocks two children to spend some quality time together. 👫Put your kids in charge of a project together (cleaning up the garden; preparing decorations for Grandmom’s birthday). 👫Teach them to appreciate their differences and enjoy the journey!

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