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Get Your Facts Straight: 5 Common Myths About Nannies

Ask some parents and they will probably tell you that their nannies are one of the best things that happened to them. However, some parents stress themselves out because of some myths about nannies that they have heard somewhere. “I would never hire a nanny”, you would hear them say and then they end up exhausting themselves. Here are some of these myths.

1. Most nannies are nannies because they have no other option

Some people believe that most nannies opt for the job because they couldn’t get better jobs. It’s my delight to tell you that some people actually look forward to being nannies all their lives so much that they can’t see themselves doing anything else. They love their job and they do it with a strong passion.

2. Nannies don’t have a social life; so, they can make your children dull

Since nannies get to spend a lot of time with the family, it is often believed that they have no social life. Even the movie industry has made us believe this to an extent. It is important to note that the way and manner a nanny would work depends on the arrangement the nanny has with his/her employer. Although some parents wouldn’t give much room for the nanny to build a social life, but most parents are considerate and they allow the nannies to have time for their own fun.

3. Nannies are also burdened with house work as well as with childcare

I would say first that being a nanny is a real job and just like any other job, the employee has the right to discuss terms with the employer. Some nannies live together with the family, some work only during weekends and some just for a couple of hours after school. Nannies who live with the family usually have to do house work once in a while. Parent-nanny arrangements are usually decided upon by both the nanny and the parent and not just the parent alone. So, a nanny is free not to do house work, depending on the agreement with the parent.

4. Nannying is not a real job

Wait, what? Did you really just say that? Being a nanny could even be tough sometimes. People tend to under look the job of a nanny, whereas it’s a job that requires diligent and hardworking people. I might not be a doctor or an engineer but I have invested time into being a good nanny and into being useful for some families. People who take up nannying as a job have shown that they usually come out with a lot of knowledge and parenting skills. Next time you meet a nanny, you had better respect the person!

5. A good nanny automatically knows how to care for all kinds of children

This is totally wrong. Although an experienced nanny might easily get around with children, yet most children are unique and they require being studied first. So, don’t expect that your nanny gets it right on the first day with your children. She might need a couple of days to get along with them.

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