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More than a Good Book - Reading with Children

Books are a window to different worlds and a way for your child to dive into the depths of their imaginations. The benefits of reading to children extend to various areas of life. Some of the benefits of regular reading include helping increase your child’s vocabulary, while promoting longer attention span, builds listening skills, and helps your child discover things in unique ways. Reading helps children develop their language which will help not only with their speaking, but with their writing. Children love the sound of language, even from the womb. So, cultivating a love for stories and books of all kinds is key to their development. There are a variety of wonderful books out there to choose from, but here are some tips on picking books that resonate with children.

Tip #1: Look at award-winners.

There are some amazing books on the market today, but some the books that have won awards are ones to really take note of. Caldecott Medal Winners and Honors are given by the Association for Library Service to Children specifically for picture books, and the Newbery Medal Winners & Honors List is awarded to the author of the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature. Other medals or awards to look for include the Sibert Medal, Geisel Award, and the Coretta Scott King Award, just to name a few.

Tip #2: Look at developmentally appropriate books.

If there are a lot of big words that are difficult to explain to the child, it’s probably not the right book choice. Make sure the content is easy to understand and the topic is something that will keep the child interested. If it’s choppy and slow, the book could be too difficult for the child to get into. Your primary goal in helping kids pick books is to make sure they are engaged and interested in it from the first to last page.

"Books are a way to expand vocabulary and cognition, while providing enjoyment along the way."

Tip #3: Check in with the kids.

When you’re reading with children, stop midway and ask them what they think about the book. If they are scared by it or simply not interested, it’s okay to stop and move onto the next one. If they are reading independently, ask them some specifics about the story so you can have a conversation about it.

Books are a way to expand vocabulary and cognition, while providing enjoyment along the way. That’s something to be treasured! Instilling a love of reading with a child at a young age is a precious gift that they will take with them well into their adulthood.

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