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Nanny for Family in Honolulu (Oahu)

Nanny for Family in Honolulu (Oahu)

Position is: Part-time

Days needed: M-F

Hours needed: 7am-11am

Island: Oahu

Neighborhood: Honolulu

Ages of children: 1 child (age 8 months)

Rate: $30/hr plus benefits (guaranteed hours/pay, sick, paid holidays)

Start date: ASAP

Job Description: Loving and busy working family seeks a loving nanny to care for their 8-month old child. The position is a part-time position (guaranteed 19 hours per week): weekday mornings 7am-11am. Candidate needs to be detail-oriented, energetic, meticulous, tech savvy and punctual.

Both parents are healthcare professionals and need a germs-conscientious nanny. All family members, including the child, are covid vaccinated. Nanny must be up-to-date (or willing to get updated prior to start date) with both covid and flu vaccinations (including booster). Hand washing and good hygiene is important. Having their child be healthy and infection free are of the utmost importance to the family. Part of their health plan is having a clean home. The nanny will help with disinfecting and wiping down child-use areas. Tracking the child’s sleep, food intake and diaper changes will be part of the nanny’s duties to help keep the baby healthy and happy.

The parents work outside of the home the majority of the time but occasionally do work from home. The family has grandparents that live locally that help with childcare and may stop by occasionally to say hi during a nanny’s shift. A grandparent is usually who the nanny will be doing shift changes with at the end of their daily shift. Nanny should feel comfortable with parents and/or grandparents in the home.

Aside from a nanny having infant and toddler experience, reliability and punctuality are of the utmost importance! The family relies on the nanny so they can leave for their jobs at the hospitals where patients are relying on them. They cannot have a nanny that is late or calls out of work. Being on time is expected for any professional nanny role but particularly important for this family.

The nanny’s duties will be childcare and child-related duties. Such duties include but are not limited to playtime, feeding, diaper changes, wiping down & disinfecting the child’s toys, wiping down & disinfecting surfaces in the nursery, wiping down & disinfecting surfaces playroom/living room and wiping down & disinfecting surfaces kitchen/dining areas. Once per shift the nanny would be expected to swiffer the floors in the nursery, playroom and kitchen/dining areas as this is where the baby may crawl. Nanny will perform these child-related light housekeeping chores while the child is napping. (Deep cleaning, vacuuming and laundry are not part of the role). Bathtime is not needed but if there is a “bathtime baby-whisper” who knows how to make that age group enjoy bath time they would be open to learning from the nanny as the baby is currently having a hard time adjusting to bathtime in the tub outside of the kitchen sink.

The family needs a nanny who is tidy and cleans up after themselves. The family keeps their home orderly and wants a nanny who can easily help them maintain that. A nanny who naturally cleans up after themselves would be a good fit in this role. An example of this would be the nanny cleaning up crumbs after themselves or the baby after preparing or eating foods & drinks. Family asks all guests to wear house slippers in their home and will provide the nanny their own pair to wear around the family’s home.

The family’s 8-month old child is a curious child who loves new things. Child can get bored easily if they are not playing or trying new activities. Nanny who is engaging, vocal and creative is a must. Family wants a nanny who naturally likes to talk and/or sing throughout the day with the child. Nanny will take the child on a morning stroll each day before it gets too hot & sunny out. Getting on the floor and playing alongside the child is a must. Child is a happy baby and only fussy when there is a reason such as hunger, boredom, wet diaper, or tiredness. Child is very smart and knows what they want. Child is currently very attached to mom, and a nanny who knows how to engage & distract is necessary for mom to be able to leave the room for work. Family is looking for a loving and hands-on nanny.

Family currently uses the Nara Baby Tracking App to track the child’s diaper changes, feedings and nap times. Since the parents work so much it is vital that the nanny logs each event so the family is aware and can adjust for the child as needed. Child has a strict naptime schedule that the family wants the nanny to follow. Family does not need the nanny to send updates but does ask that the nanny have their phone on should the family need to reach the nanny for any reason during their shift. As expected with any nanny position, the nanny should not be on their phone/personal device other than to communicate with parents or conduct work related tasks. Driving is not required for the position but should there be a nanny with a car who wants to take their child to the park, in the future, the family may consider it as their child gets older.

The family’s home is loving and they enjoy as much family-time as possible on the weekends. The family understands that there are many different philosophies in childcare & child rearing but is looking for an engaging and loving individual who aligns with them. The family does not do “tough love” and does not let their child “cry it out”. They want a nurturing caregiver that will provide love for their child in the same manner in which the family supports and loves their child. Child has no known food allergies and eats a combination of solids, purees and bottles. Child does have contact allergies if the child touches certain types of products. Family will go over with the nanny.

Family is covid cautious and needs a nanny who is the same. Nanny should be adhering to CDC recommendations and following all local & State regulations regarding COVID-19. Family requires the nanny to be flu and covid vaccinated (including booster). Family is not requiring this daily but the nanny should be willing to wear a mask upon request. Family is not currently covid testing, but the nanny should be willing to covid test at the request and expense of the family should that be necessary in the future. Position requires the nanny to commit to the family for a minimum of 1 year.

Where to Apply: if you haven't applied yet with the agency (if you already have an application on file with us you can email

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