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The Age of Video Interviews: Best Video Interview Practices

With social distancing becoming the new normal, employers are relying on virtual interviews more and more. These can take some getting used to, so here are some tips on how to make your remote video interview a success.

#1: Make sure your technology is tested for speed and reliability.

A day ahead of time, make sure you have tested your computer and your internet connection for speed and reliability. Ensure you have the apps or plugins downloaded that are required for the call, and make sure your computer’s camera is set up. It is also a great idea to do a “test” call with a family member or a friend to see how things look. This gives you an opportunity for feedback and you can adjust the equipment or connection, if necessary. In addition, do not forget to make sure your device is fully charged on the day of interview.

#2: Dress to impress.

Just like you would come dressed well to an in-person interview, so should you be dressed to impress for a video interview. Putting yourself together shows to potential employer that you take the interview seriously. It also gives you a boost of self-confidence!

#3: Speak clearly.

Video calls can come with lags in technology and volume controls can be tricky. For those reasons, it is important to speak clearly and project your voice throughout the interview. After you are asked a question, take a moment to answer to make sure you are not talking over the interviewer. It is also okay to ask them if they can hear you properly, so you can adapt as needed.

#4: Check background and lighting.

Do make sure your face is illuminated, preferably with soft lighting, and the background is dark - a wall for example, not a window! Natural light works well, so sit facing a window if possible.  In addition, make sure the space you pick looks clean and clutter-free. It could be embarrassing if the room you are in shows piles of laundry, dirty dishes, or other messes in the background.

#5: Minimize distractions.

Barking dog, loud toddlers, noisy music: these are distractions that should be gone during the interview. Choose a quiet place where you can focus, silence your cell phone, and make sure updates on your computer are turned off so nothing pops up in the middle of the interview. 

It is important to make the best impression possible during your video interview. From the background to how you interact and dress, each detail matters. Once the interview is complete, go the extra mile and write a handwritten thank you card and mail it to them. This is a nice personal touch that expresses your appreciation and allows you to demonstrate your continued interest in the role.

Posted with permission from Home Work Solutions (

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