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Hiring Made Easy with Paradise Nannies Hawaii!

Hiring Made Easy with Paradise Nannies Hawaii!

1.Phone consultation to discuss your family's need. 2. We present you a qualified candidate that have gone through our Paradise Nannies Hawaii Screening Process 3. You interview the candidate(s) you are interested in. 4. We deliver your offer to your nanny . Nanny accepts! We draft an employment agreement for you. 5. We connect you with our industry expert to ensure you are set up for compliance with payroll taxes, workers compensation or other government regulations relating to having a household employee. 6.Nanny begins working. Parents and children (and nanny!) are happy!

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Nanny Tax Threshold Increases for 2024

The Social Security Administration recently released next year’s Employment Coverage Threshold for household employees. The 2024 nanny tax threshold increases by $100 to $2,700. This is the fifth cons


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